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BoomBox UP777


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Product Description


The BoomBox is a blast from the past in a new material! A portable HIFI set with a powerful digital amplifier, and top of the line parts and materials. It has been assembled by hand with the care and love. And therefore, you get 30 years of warranty.

The UP777 has a retro surface engravement.

WOOD – the past as source for inspiration

UNIVERSAL – jack plug cable connection makes it compatible with many devices: smartphone, laptop, walkman, mp3 player, Discman, PC. etc)

SOLID – only the best materials and made with an eye for detail

2×15 watt airtight bass reflex speakers (splash water resistant)
D-class amplifier (2 x 15 Watt Stereo Class-T TA2024C Amplifier Board)
Li-on Bat (12volt 3000mah)
min 11 – 30 hrs of playtime (depends on volume) on Medium volume power consumption 100Mah
Jack male to male plug cable (3,5mm)
Strap (a removable belt with a wooden closure and logo)
Charger (around 1000Mah per hour) fully charged in less than 3 hours, the charger has a led that turns red while charging and turns green when fully charged)

It is Handmade in NL (We believe in devotion and passion of experts who take full control of design and production)
30 days money back guaranteed (We believe in our customers and encourage them to do the same therefore there is a hassle free try-out and free return shipment period of 30 days)
30 years warranty (except battery) (This product is developed to last, a cone speaker has a lifespan of at least 15 years, usually it is closer to 30 years)


The UP777 is designed to give you the vibe of the 80’ties. It was the time when tape decked ghetto blasters had so many shiny buttons and lights to surpass one another in looks. People were able to take their recorded music with them and express themselves.

This BoomBox is inspired by that positive vibe of expression and freedom. The wooden casing with iconic button prints puts it in a retrospective. In contrary to these plastic designs with many functionalities the Hum – BoomBox emphasis is to be functional. It keeps it low-tech (your connected device has the technology) and uses the best parts, materials and production techniques, this is why it is designed to last for decades.


It excels in playing portable high-quality audio and distinguishes from every other portable hi-fi on the market by having a long battery lifetime, more decibels (compare it to a car radio) only when you need it, and an extremely efficient digital amplifier, a set of high-quality water-resistant speakers and two smartly proven balanced wooden bass reflex boxes to make warm impressive sound with a small portable device.

Specs and parts

T-Amp Tripath TA2024 2x15W Audio Digital Amplifier Board

2: Visaton speakers 30 Watt (splash water resistant) Selected to reach low bass

12V lithium Ion 3000mah (Panasonic) battery with protective discharging PCB

Speakers with balanced bass reflex tube to acoustically amplify lower tones.


The BoomBox puts the user first with its original warm natural wooden color blending right in every interior or setting outside. It’s purpose is that you can be creative: connect your smartphone (play MP3’s Itunes, Radio, Spotify, Soundcloud etc.. or you own recordings) strap it around with the removable belt and share music in a setting where there is no power available (3000mah 12 volt lithium ion battery). While at home you can plug in your Laptop and watch a movie and are still able to hear it eating chips, or doing the dishes. You can connect your tape Walkman or CD player or even vinyl if you are attached to your physical collection. The BoomBox respects all musical input and precisely this is what makes the Hum BoomBox special and an original, and funky design statement.

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1 review for BoomBox UP777

  1. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely awesome and beautiful portable amplifier. The sound is really full and warm, and I charge the batteries once or twice a month. Instead of using my studio monitors I use the BoomBox with my laptop, easy to move around in the house, and for watching movies….
    Really great product!

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